15 beautiful font pairings and what makes them work

Font Matcher generates font combinations based on your input. Simply choose your preferred font style and weight, and Font Matcher will generate a list of matching fonts to choose from. Finding the perfect font combination for your design has never been easier with Pixlr's Font Matcher.

One of the best and winning font combination of all time are serif and sans serif types. A decorative font (usually a script typeface) for your heading will give off a laid-back, light hearted feeling. In contrast, a simple font for the text body will relay a more professional, minimalist approach. This is usually used in the case that your text includes information that is important and should therefore be relatively easy for viewers to read. These are only some of the fascinating tidbits of knowledge designers use when creating the best font combinations. You can use typography to send visual signals about the importance of different sections of content.

Proza Libre & Open Sans

Knowing these details, we choose fonts and colors highlighting your brand identity and vividly presenting it to your customers. Thus, we help you create an accessible and engaging website you customers will enjoy. Nevertheless, we advise using script fonts in headings and titles.

How to Choose the Winning Font Combination

Any design that uses text even in a smaller proportion, it involves typography. Big text-based designs such as blogs and websites use many aspects of typefaces carefully for the desired impact and result. You can https://deveducation.com/ locate hundreds of typefaces on the web, and a majority of them are accessible free. Graphic designers use most free fonts that were once created as exclusive fonts but later became commonplace due to overuse.

How to Choose & Combine Fonts for Any Design

You won’t have to worry about time or location-specific style appealing to only a segment of your audience. This duo’s subdued tone allows your eye-opening visual or audio content to make a bigger splash with your audience. Use this potent duo when designing websites for entrepreneurs, speakers, consultants, and anyone else whose thoughts and voices need to be heard. Both Lato and Merriweather have a strong and sturdy appearance, which makes them extremely readable.

  • Once you’ve chosen your initial font, you have to run through the process all over again to find the perfect complement.
  • Decorative and attractive font with many swashes should not distract your viewers from the message you need to convey.
  • Each character in such fonts is kept as a mathematical expression to achieve such a result.
  • Fat serifs are having a moment in 2019, and Playfair is a gorgeous refined type that’s perfectly on-trend.
  • Before they were printed, the pre-digital era was an age of typography, as many steps went into placing those letters in a book or magazine.
  • All things considered, this pick is a terrific addition to projects that call for an amicable vibe.

Creating contrast, in this case, comes from mixing the case, weight, or regular typefaces with italics. Besides, using related fonts for different parts of your copy brings the feeling of constancy and balance. Also, we chose other sans-serif fonts for our title page, which are Poppins for headings and Inter for text blocks. They make the text easy to read, so they are suitable for larger content chunks. The sans-serif fonts work best in content to be read on the go and without hassle.

In this way, viewers can quickly catch the headline first and then settle to read the rest of the content. These and many other fonts and their combinations create personalities for designs so that the target audience can get the brand message immediately. Remember choosing fonts for website that the designers choose fonts from major categories and combine them to target audiences with a message. Generally, designers consider font combination to create a contrast for viewers. But when two or three fonts appear in a design, they complement each other.

Headlines should pack the heaviest visual punch, followed by subheadings, and then body copy. Use your font combinations to give your content an obvious sense of structure. In most designs, you’ll be using one web typeface for the headline and another for the body. You might also have places in the layout where you use hand lettering or more stylized typography for decorative purposes.

How to Choose the Winning Font Combination

Bloomscape uses the casual serif typeface Morion along with the sans serif Raisonné to create a striking, modern typographic design. Raisonné has similarly decorative letterforms, which makes the two web fonts work beautifully together. When it came time to put together the best font combinations, we wanted to make sure we had a good mix of pairings and use cases to apply them to.

How to Choose the Winning Font Combination